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Experienced technology consultants bringing

tech solutions to life

We spend our time tinkering with ideas and nurturing them into viable business applications.

Our focus is on real-world, accessible tech that can be brought to market fast to help businesses realize their vision for the future.

What We Do

We work with people to build wireless electronics from the ground up.

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We build


We build physical products for IoT applications that connect wirelessly to other systems - from hardware to low-level software.


We're constantly exploring tech options for the real world - things we can build today to help tomorrow.


We grow


We build tech with business viability in mind. We've worked with startups and Fortune 500 and we know what it takes to build success.


We're always


It's never one-and-done.  We're constantly evolving ideas and assessing new potential in our unique incubator setup.



with ideas


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Every great idea starts with a vision.
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"I needed tech experts to help push my product development forward while we focused on business development.  tincubate helped us navigate the technical decisions and set the right path for our business."

—  Paul, Services Client

Our Process

At tincubate, we do things differently.  We collaborate with people like you to solve problems daily.

Instead of thinking about what could be, we make it happen.

We incubate our ideas into solutions you can buy

We help incubate your ideas into solutions you own


Featured Projects


SparkFun Electronics offers a huge range of electronics equipment for enthusiasts and businesses to use for prototyping and getting ideas off the ground.  When they were looking for help designing a LoRa/LoRaWAN capable board, we were more than ready to work on this custom board design and reference examples!

SparkFun LoRa Thing Plus - expLoRaBLE


Wireless Modbus Utilities Metering Solution

Turning something traditionally wired into a wireless solutions has many benefits - ease of installation, increased remote monitoring capabilities, operational efficiency.  In this project, we worked with our partner to build a retrofit solution to prove out the concept using off-the-shelf components.  Click to learn more about the project, including a detailed project overview video step by step!

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