tin•cu•bate : \'tiŋ-kyə-ˌbāt'\

verb : to cause or aid the development of, through tinkering and iterating on an idea






Hi, we're Joe and Marianne, the Founders of tincubate - a space where we tinkering with ideas and incubate them into reality.  We are passionate about tech and business, and are dedicating our knowledge and time to exploring ideas.

tincubate started as JTDC, where we provided consulting and technical execution for clients. As our business evolved, we started spending more time building out our own ideas and launching successful startups when the idea had incubated into something ready for market.  Here, tincubate was born.

Today, tincubate focuses on our core strengths: building & iterating technology, creating business strategies and providing mentorship. Our office space is built for collaboration and our work style fosters creativity, rapid development and iterative execution.


Empowered Collaboration
You don't have to be "technical" to create something tech-inspired if you have the right framework and guidance to support you.
Honest Transparency
Working with us, you can trust we have your best interests in mind. We only take on projects when we truly believe the product idea and the business model are both viable.
Invested Partners
We take great pride and care in what we do. We are emotionally and financially invested in our clients' success, which is why our clients trust our process.
Technical Prestige
We create unrivalled technology-inspired products. By drawing on our extensive experiences and connections, we can add value in all aspects of technological design.

The Leadership Team

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Joe Deu-Ngoc

Joe has spent most of his career in Senior Engineering roles, starting out at Research In Motion, inventors of the Smartphone.  Starting as a student (BMath UW '00), he was an early employee of the company and made one of the first phone calls ever from a BlackBerry!  He spent 15 years leading the development of cellular technologies, focused on system architecture and wireless protocols.  Since then, he’s worked with both small and large companies helping develop and commercialize tech products and define new tech standards.

Joe’s career is focused on tackling complex problems by breaking them down into simplified steps and iterating on them to get to market quickly and cost effectively.  Simply put, he makes product development look easy.  His expertise combines solid business acumen with strong technical skills, leading to over 20 patents granted and dozens of wireless products successfully launched into the market so far.

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Marianne Bell

Marianne started her career in tech as a student.  Originally interested in accounting, she studied Math and Business in University (BMath UW, BBA WLU ‘06).  Her first co-op position was at a small not-for-profit called Communitech, which is now a powerhouse organization that supports and fosters the tech ecosystem in Canada.  From there, she was hooked on tech and never looked back, starting her tech career at Research In Motion, the inventors of the BlackBerry Smartphone.  She then switched gears to get more hands-on in the local tech startup community, working in and with small startups and entrepreneurs.

Her career is focused on fostering high-performance tech teams through operational leadership to help bridge the gap between technical objectives and business objectives.  An implementer at heart, Marianne thrives in environments where there are real problems to be tackled that can be solved with a combination of creativity, discipline and – of course – technology.



The success of our business is directly related to the strong relationships we build with others in the local and tech community. We seek to foster a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship with everyone we work alongside.
We Promise:
To empower innovators with the product development expertise needed to design and build viable technology-inspired products.

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