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tincubate uses Northern Mechatronics products for most of our project work, so we've partnered with them as a key integrator of their solutions and reseller of their products.

What is it?

The NM180100 is a turnkey wireless module available in multiple form factors.


Quick Specs:

  • Low-power, long-range turnkey

  • Supports LoRa (long-range) and Bluetooth LE (short-range) communications

  • ARM-based MCU (Ambiq Apollo 3 Blue)

  • 12.8mm x x 2.4mm

  • FCC/IC and CE approved for global use

  • FreeRTOS and Mbed support

Why we use it

It's simple to prototype with and easy to take that design to production.


3 of our Top Reasons:

  • RF is already optimized for performance, we can just add our sensors and GO

  • We love the short- and long-range combination for functionality

  • Software support is already there, so there's minimal bare metal work to get up and going

Form Factors


A development board for prototyping, bring up and testing


Compact form factor for manufacturing in volume


Combination module and onboard sensors for quick projects

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