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Our Area of Expertise: 

We build IoT products that use high-tech electronics and wireless communications to solve problems. 

Internet of Things

Smart Homes / Buildings
Connected Vehicles / Logistics

What is IoT?

Devices that automatically collect and store data used to help people and systems make decisions.

Sports Tech / Wearables
Industrial Automation
Farming / AgTech
Area of Expertise

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Project Examples

A Few Project Examples

Environmental Monitoring Solution


Like most newer companies using tech to solve problems, our client had a solution that worked - it had everything on-board it needed to gather sensor data and push it to the cloud.  The company was selling their solution to property managers and was ready to scale up.  But how do you scale when you're relying on Raspberry Pi and other high-cost boards?

They knew their future would rely on updated technology based in microcontrollers.  But their current hardware partner didn't have expertise in MCUs or wireless, so they came to us to help them redesign their solution, ready to scale.


First, we created a Proof of Concept MCU-based product using off-the-shelf components that:

  • Proven the capabilities of an MCU to run the required processes and algorithms

  • Experimented with LoRa as a means to extend the range and reduce operating costs in challenging environments

Second, we created a hybrid off-the-shelf and custom product to replace their current solution, that:

  • Used MQTT to push required algorithms and sensor data into their existing cloud structure seamlessly

  • Leveraged Cellular connectivity with expandable communications into LoRa/BLE for future scaling

Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware, Networking

Air Liquide - Wireless Solution for Utilities Monitoring


Air Liquide delivers innovative gas solutions and technologies to customers, driving their performance and helping them reduce their environmental impact.  In this project, they came to tincubate to help them turn their current wired Modbus gas metering solution wireless using LoRa, as a prototype project to prove out the use case of the technology.

Check out a video about this project on our YouTube channel here, and read about the process on our blog.


We created a prototype for them to demo and test using off-the-shelf components with the following consideration:

  • Easy installation that can retrofit onto an existing Modbus (RS-232 or RS-485) meter

  • Easy integration with their existing system dashboards to read and control the meter remotely

  • For connectivity, we relied on the NM180100 LoRa/BLE module through the Sparkfun LoRa Thing Plus expLoRaBLE to connect to the LoRa (P2P) / LoRaWAN

  • Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware

SparkFun LoRa Thing Plus - expLoRaBLE


SparkFun Electronics offers a huge range of electronics equipment for enthusiasts and businesses to use for prototyping and getting ideas off the ground.  When they were looking for help designing a LoRa/LoRaWAN capable board, we were more than ready to work on this custom board design and reference examples!

Check it out online here, and read about the process on our blog.


We designed the board and developed reference software for the expLoRaBLE:

  • Harnessing the power of the NM180100 LoRa/BLE module

  • Using the existing feather form factor that SparkFun already used for their Artemis Thing Plus board, using parts from the SparkFun component library and I/Os, including the Qwiic connect system that easily integrates with a huge variety of sensors and interactive components

  • Created reference designs for LoRa P2P and LoRaWAN

  • Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware

BOWdometer - Sensor Technology for Archery


Archers love to collect and analyze as much information about their shot habits as possible, but most of them do so manually. We were approached by some dedicated members of the Archery industry who wanted to change this. They wanted to equip archers with more accessible information than ever before – allowing them to automatically count their shots and analyze their consistency over time. The only problem? They did not know how.​


We created the product and spun off an archery-centric business to run the entire BOWdometer brand.

  • A pocket-sized device that attaches seamlessly to any bow

  • Uses sensor technology to count shots, and collect information to evaluate archers’ technique consistency

  • Embedded display screen to provide insights at a glance

  • Bluetooth connection to a mobile app where archers can connect, share information, and view deeper insights about their shots

  • Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware, Data Front-haul/Back-haul, Software (Cloud Platform, Mobile Applications), Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Gesture Recognition Sensors


In long-term care facilities, gesture recognition can enable staff to provide optimal service to those who need it most.  We worked with our client to build a prototype that used cutting-edge sensor technology to track, pattern, detect and alert changes in movement and habits for residence, while maintaining their privacy.

This type of technology is groundbreaking for the staff operating facilities to optimize staffing based on patient need and detect changes to patient behaviour respectfully and proactively, leading to a safer environment for everyone.


We created a Proof of Concept edge computing device using off-the-shelf products to be used for pilot locations that:

  • Recognized objects moving in 3 dimensional space

  • Automatically detects falls and other critical movements (e.g. strikes)

  • Sends alerts when critical events are detected

  • Experiments with various methods of sensing data, including optical sensors, infrared and radar detection algorithms

  • Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware, Data Front-haul, System Design

Tire Pressure Management System


A single transport truck travels an average of 146 000 km per year, and due to increasing environmental concerns and the volatile price of gas, transportation companies are constantly trying to optimize fuel efficiency. Ensuring every truck’s tires are at the appropriate pressure can dramatically improve fuel efficiency, but this comes at a trade-off: frequent service calls and time spent measuring tire pressure. Using IoT, our clients wanted to build a device that automatically monitors tire pressure to help their customers extend their tires’ lifespan while reducing service visits, costs, and environmental emissions.


We facilitated the development of Bluetooth- and LoRa-enabled sensors to be attached to the tires of transportation fleets which:

  • Collects data on tire pressure, temperature, and speed to optimize asset usage

  • Connects to a Smart Gateway on LoRaWAN networks to consolidate data into actionable insights accessible through a web platform

  • Is ready for use as a white-label product today

  • Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware, Data Front-haul, Data Back-haul, Data Storage, Analytics, Website and Mobile Applications, Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Secure, Connected Cannabis Storage Solution
cannabis storage box.jpg


The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada brought a variety of new operational problems to solve. With more people keeping cannabis around their homes, safe secure storage was one pressing problem demanding an innovative solution. Our clients wanted to build a storage device that would help consumers use cannabis safely – preventing it from getting into the wrong hands and monitoring the condition and quantity of the product.


We helped our client design, build, and commercialize a Wifi-enabled secure cannabis storage box that:

  • Can be locked and unlocked through a mobile app on the user’s phone, with all user data encrypted and secure

  • Includes built in inventory monitoring, allowing users to seamlessly refill their cannabis orders as needed

  • Notifies users of the internal (temperature and humidity) and external (tamper monitoring) conditions of the box to maintain the integrity of the product

  • Appears sleek and inconspicuous to help customers feel comfortable having their product nearby

  • Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware, Data Front-haul/Back-haul, Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Leak Detection and Wireless Controls for Plumbing Systems
leak sensor.png


Water damage can cost property owners thousands of dollars in repairs, insurance payments, and headaches. Not only that, but sometimes this damage can slowly accumulate over time without the owner even knowing – the dreaded plumbing leak. Our clients wanted to build a solution to prevent plumbing leaks before they cause water damage, saving property owners money with lower water bills and avoided remediation costs.


We helped design, build, and manufacture a network of sensors, communication links and hubs to enable smart water metering and data collection for plumbing systems.  This included building up a technical team in our client's business.

  • Sensor products have a 6-year battery lifespan, allowing low-power, long term data collection

  • Sensors connect to communication hubs using LoRa Proprietary Stack or LoRaWAN, from which the information is entered into a backend infrastructure, and used to alert homeowners of any leaks

  • Communication links also connect with third party water valves and meters to report data and perform valve control wirelessly

  • Deliverables: Hardware, Firmware, Data Front-haul, Data Back-haul, Manufacturing, Supply Chain

LoRa-enabled Communications Modules


As the IoT industry has been projected to experience continuous growth, many new players have been entering the market to explore new and improved applications and technologies. This means that better, smaller, and lower-power hardware that can be used to build these solutions will be in high demand - and our client wanted to be a part of it. They wanted to develop a new communications module that could combine LoRa and Bluetooth technologies on a small, low power chip that could take IoT to previously unreachable destinations.


Read more here


We work with our partner to design, build, and commercialize communications modules.

  • LoRa + Bluetooth: Tiny form-factor for the smallest sensor applications requiring multiple communications methods with support for 915MHz, 868MHz, and 433MHz bands. 

  • Available in module, EVK and Feather form factors

  • All products include customizable connectivity and interface configurations (LoRa, BLE and GPIO, USB, UART, SPI, I2C respectively)

  • This technology has been leveraged to support tincubate projects, as well as sold commercially

  • Deliverables: Firmware, Data Front-haul, Manufacturing, Supply Chain

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Leak Sensor
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