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Episode 16: 3 things you don't want to hear about running a tech business


So, here's the scenario. You're a tech person, and you decide to start a tech business. You can build the best and coolest tech IN THE WORLD, but there are still so many things outside of the tech that you need to be successful. And many of these things are not about the tech AT ALL. So, in honour of me spending the last couple of weeks heads-down doing our year end work... I've captured 3 things about running a tech business that tech people will likely hate hearing. But guess what? It's all important.

All 3 of the topics have a common theme of building relationships and talking to people - which is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people in the tech community. It takes times to build and maintain relationships, and you need to be able to focus on what's serving you and your business, and how you can serve others on a similar path!

At tincubate, we've spent almost 4 years full time building our business, and we have a lot to be proud of. We also have a lot of failures and learnings that we can share. So this is where we're sharing some of the resources we use, wisdom we've gained and tips we have to deal with the other side of a tech business: the parts that aren't doing the actual technical work, but are ABSOLUTELY VITAL for your business's success.

Disclaimer: this video is focused on tips for registered businesses who want to build and grow a business with employees and products. Feel free to still watch it if you're a solo-preneur who intends to keep doing their own thing independently, but the content is focused on operational businesses that build and sell tech products to customers.

About This Series:

Each week, we chat about some of the things we did this week at tincubate, our electronics tinkering and design company that we affectionately call the tincbuator. We do all things tech with physical products, and each we'll show a glimpse based on discussions on our social media posts. Comment to tell us what you like, what questions you have and what you want to see more of so we can help you all see the process behind real-world wireless tech product development!

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Comment to tell us what you like, questions you have and what you want to see more of so we can help you see the process behind real-world wireless tech product development. Let's have some fun!

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