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Weekly Roundup, Episode 1: Power Mods, Antennas, Soldering and LEDs

Each week, we dive in deeper into what's gone on in the tincubator through the week in 10 minutes or less. Our topics are driven by conversations we have on social media, driven by the posts we share of our day-to-day business operations.


In this first episode, we're doing a quick introduction and then diving into some content, including:

  • Modifying a cheap clock to be all powered instead of battery powered

  • Laughing at how many wires are required to connect "wireless" electronics

  • First glance at a solderable breadboard we got to try out, which is a good option for a more permanent prototype

  • Soldering and hand mods of a client project's first prototype boards

  • Channeling disco vibes with colour-changing LEDs

Watch the Video



2-minute hack TikTok:




Solderable Breadboard:


SparkFun microB USB Breakout:

LoRa/BLE Radio:

Permanent Breadboard:

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