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Weekly Roundup, Episode 2: Power Boards, Thermal Printers and Product dev REAL costs

Each week, we dive in deeper into what's gone on in the tincubator through the week in 10 minutes or less. Our topics are driven by conversations we have on social media, driven by the posts we share of our day-to-day business operations.


In this episode, we cover:

  • How much it actually costs to develop a (real) tech product for a real business - we're using BOWdometer as an example and we're not holding back!

  • Unboxing a gift from a local business, because who doesn't love an unboxing video?

  • First look at some custom PCBs from PCB Way that have power management for a project we've been working on

  • Unboxing (another one!) our new Munbyn Thermal Printer and our first test print. We'll be using it for printing product labels and shipping labels, mostly.

Watch the Video



Product Development Cost:

Secret Club Unboxing:

Custom Power Boards:

Thermal Printer Unboxing:

Board Layout (not discussed):


Munbyn Thermal Printer: 2x3 Labels:

EEProm Boards:

EEProm Chips:

Other Links:

Alchemiste Social Club:

BOWdometer Open Platform:


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