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Weekly Roundup, Episode 6: Custom PCBs and Turning Prototypes into Products

Each week, we dive in deeper into what's gone on in the tincubator through the week in 10 minutes or less. Our topics are driven by conversations we have on social media, driven by the posts we share of our day-to-day business operations.


In this episode, we're chatting about:

  • 2 different custom PCB projects, including some first batch prototypes of purple boards from JLC PCB and a more in depth look at our custom hybrid environmental sensor board

  • Talking for a long time about how to move from a prototype you've built into a product you can manufacture and sell, really high-level as this could be a 52-part series!

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Assembling Custom Hybrid Boards:

Custom Purple PCBs:

Prototyping Boards:

Mentioned in the Episode:

Market Validation Tips (older):

Regulatory Certification (older):

Product Development Costs (older):

Other Links:

Weekly Roundup Episode 2 where we talk about Product Dev Costs:

Weekly Roundup Episode 5 where we talk about Market Validation and Regulatory Certification:


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