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Weekly Roundup, Episode 8: Going from Prototype to Product using Breakeven Analysis

Each week, we dive in deeper into what's gone on in the tincubator through the week in 10 minutes or less. Our topics are driven by conversations we have on social media, driven by the posts we share of our day-to-day business operations.


I'll be honest, it's hard to keep these to 10 minutes or less! So many topics, so little time. So this week we're sticking to one single topic: the decision factors for when you move from building 1 of something that works into mass manufacturing a full blown product! Throughout, I'll use a real example of a project we're developing RIGHT NOW called Spider, which is a wireless parking sensor. We'll deep dive into the prototyping costs, commercialization costs and how to decide when to move to a full product in your market.

I also get up on my soapbox to rant about engineering labour expenses. Hopefully you all get the message that TIME IS NOT FREE! There are a lot of generalizations in here as well that may not make sense for you in what you're building - use this as a framework to help demystify some of the BUSINESS of TECH.

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