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A wireless sensor product that easily collects and stores data from any type of sports equipment.


Have a sensor project in mind for your sport?

Get a headstart with Spensor, an IMU-based platform with all the benefits of off-the-shelf paired with the flexibility of customization.

Designed for ALL Sports

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How it Works:


Get Spensor Hardware

Spensor is flexible enough to work on any sports equipment - even high-impact sports!  It's tiny (30mm x 9.5mm) and extremely lightweight.

We work with you to find optimal mounting locations and methods suit your needs.

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Start Collecting Data

Connect to our app (iOS/Android) over Bluetooth.  Start recording live IMU sensor data from Spensor directly into the cloud through your phone!

You can skip all the complicated, expensive steps and move straight into data analytics specific to you and your sport!

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Dig into your Analytics

Your data is stored, organized and ready for you to start analyzing!  Give cloud access to your Data Scientist, Software Developer or Big Data analytics platform and see the power of your data in action!

Once you have some findings in the data, the real fun can begin - which is where off-the-shelf solutions fall short.

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Customize to Dig Deeper

Found something interesting in your analysis?  Our team is here to help customize the Spensor firmware to meet your needs.  That's something you can't do with off-the-shelf sensors.

Instead of trying to find someone with embedded expertise, we're already here and ready to support you as you work to refine your sports analytics.

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Use custom firmware to add markers for events that can help drive the analytics further.  There's no limit to what you might find.

Use Spensor to develop and refine the data that's meaningful to you in your sport.  From there, you can build products to sell, enhance coaching or training regimens... the possibilities are endless!


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