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Image by Ryan De Hamer
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Finally, a low-cost alternative for parking occupancy.

Let Spider manage your parking for you.

Spider is a vehicle occupancy sensor that combines both short-range and long-range  connectivity for maximum flexibility.

The most cost-effective wireless parking solution on the market.

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Technical Specifications
  • Vehicle occupancy sensor using geo-magnetic sensing technology

  • Surface-mount, suitable for indoor garage and covered parking surfaces with easy installation

  • Secure mounting using Tapcon concrete anchors

  • Drive-tested to withstand vehicle pressure

  • Replaceable batteries (serviceable) with 5+ year battery life per set for maximum usage

  • Connectivity: LoRa (P2P and/or LoRaWAN) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for ease of provisioning

  • Compatible with any Network Service Provider


Built to Last, Affordably

Pricing starts at $200 in small volume

Easy Setup:
Quick installation, easy provisioning through any smartphone via BLE

Choose your network of choice, not tied to any specific service provider or monthly fees

Reach out today to get started...

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