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the tincubator

A unique incubation space built for






tincubate has built a truly unique, collaborative environment in Uptown Waterloo, affectionately called the “tincubator”. 


It’s a collective of entrepreneurs networking, sharing strategies in a space built to help foster ideas and grow businesses. 


You won’t find foosball and ping pong, you’ll instead find tinkering equipment, a casual lounge environment, great food and drink made from scratch and unbeatable conversation.


In the tincubator, there’s always someone with the expertise you need for challenges you may be facing that day. 


Need software help?  There’s a group for that.  Need hardware advice?  We’ve got that too.  Selling online?  Raising a round?  Struggling with marketing?  We’ve got you covered. 


It’s not a place to sit around and conjecture though… the people here are experienced, focused and committed to executing on their ideas.

Looking for flexible or dedicated space?

Reach out today to start the conversation.

92 King Street South

Second Floor

Waterloo, Ontario

Canada N2J 1P5

Curious about the space?

Check out our progress shots!